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    Australian International School of Beijing (AISB)has been successfully operating since 2004. Our purpose built is spread across 35 hectares of lawns and gardens situated in the Eastern Chaoyang district, approximately 30 minutes from the CBD and 15 minutes from the Capital International Airport .
    AISB is the only school in Beijing licensed for Australian curriculum. Australian curricula are respected and used throughout the world.Reasons for the success of Australian curricula are many.The strategic intent of developing transferable skills is powerful.When curricula are implemented with a focus on values and attitudes a potent force emerges.Our curricula are designed to develop the whole child.Social,physical,emotional and academic spheres are targeted in concert at AISB.
    The school is designed to accommodate 500 students and these students can choose from a range of extra-curricula programmes, designed to meet the individual's needs and aspirations. Apart from primary, a full range of secondary courses will be available including Tertiary Entrance Examination (TEE), which allows admission to most prestigious universities worldwide.
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